The Value of Information


Most things we think of as intangible in networking can in fact be measured; if it truly cannot be measured, it has no real value. Read More…

Confidence Levels and Calibration

Being able to state your level of confidence helps you know whether your estimate is good enough, or whether you need to do more research to further reduce your uncertainty. It can also increase your chances of getting projects funded. Read More…

Measuring the Unmeasurable


A measurement is a reduction in uncertainty. Not an elimination of uncertainty, but a reduction in uncertainty. The more accurate we can make the approximation, the more uncertainty we eliminate. Read More…

How Close is Close Enough?


We engineers work in meterable, precise quantities. When we cannot come up with a precise number for something, we tend to get tripped up. Sometimes we dismiss as immeasurable – intangible – anything to which we cannot assign a firm numeric value.
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Taking the Art Out of Networking


When we design or operate a network we don’t want a “master chef” that is striving for something creative and exciting. Excitement is seldom a good thing in networking. We want predictability and consistency. We want quantification, not art.
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