Know Your Audience


In my previous blog entry I wrote about "soft skills" every young engineer needs to develop if they want to stand out in their career: speaking in front of an audience, writing clearly and effectively, developing a sense of design, and learning how to tell a story.

I want to follow that up with another bit of advice, based on a video a friend shared with me a few days ago. That advice is: Know your audience!
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Advice for Young Engineers


I've been "friended" on social media by hundreds of network engineering students and young people just beginning their IT careers. Mostly they're people who are aware of my books, or possibly even read one or two of them, and have been bamboozled into thinking I know what I'm talking about. They'll frequently contact me with some variation of the following request: "Can you advise me on how to be successful in my career?"

Of course what they're usually asking is for advice on what certifications they should get, what they should specialize in, what kinds of companies they should try to join, and that sort of thing. But, shoot, you can find all that stuff out with a little research on the Interwebs. The advice I give them is not at all what they were looking for.
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